Welcome to the SciFi VC blog.

We’re an early stage generalist firm with emphasis on fintech, marketplaces, and science. We partner with exceptional founders solving hard problems that require intense curiosity, intellectual depth, and often, science. You can read more about us at SciFi.vc.

What you’ll find here.

The SciFi blog will:

  • explain trends across fintech, marketplaces and other categories,

  • call out specific ideas that we are searching for teams to work on, and

  • announce recent investments.

Working with us.

If you find our theses and thoughts interesting, we’d love to hear from you at blog@scifi.vc. We partner with founders at the brainstorm stage when they are still ideating, at early stage when they are establishing product-market fit, and at growth stage when they are becoming category leaders. You can see are existing investments across stages here.